CBD/CBG Super Salve - 4,000 mg CBD and 1,000 mg CBG in 2 oz

Need super relief? Try our Super Salve! We’ve doubled the CBD to 4,000 mg and added 1,000 mg of CBG (Cannabigerol) to help bring topical relief to your aches and pains. An all natural salve with simple ingredients that uses a highly purified CBD and CBG isolate from hemp that contains zero THC. Why CBD and CBG? Hemp derived Cannabidiol (CBD) and Cannabigerol (CBG) are powerful anti-inflammatories and work wonders as a team to block pain receptors and give relief.* Together they offer an entourage effect which potentially acts on more receptors to block pain and ease inflammation.* If you haven’t yet tried a combination product with both CBD and CBG in it, we highly recommend you do!

Our testers loved this salve formula for long lasting and powerful relief.

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