Three Ways To Grow Revenue Using CBD in Your Practice

1. Bring in new clients with CBD and CBG massage.
CBD is one of the hottest trends in the wellness industry. Offer it before your competitors do!

2. Charge more for each CBD massage.
Just like adding hot stones or cupping, clients expect to pay more to receive the healing benefits of a CBD massage.  For example, if you purchase our 16 oz CBD Massage Oil at wholesale price ($45), you will get approximately 16 CBD full body massages from the bottle. Charge an extra $10 for each of the 16 massages and make $160.  That covers the wholesale oil price and gives you a $115 profit.

3. Sell CBD and CBG products to clients.
Clients want to use our products for pain relief at home. Why not have them purchase directly from you? You purchase at wholesale price and sell to them at retail price. 100% profit for you!  We recommend you double the wholesale price when selling to your own customers.  Example:  A CBD Bath Fizz is $5 each wholesale, sell it for $10.  You may charge what you want for our products, we do not require MAP pricing.

Bonus! Free marketing materials. We have social media graphics, signs, postcards and photos. Send them in your emails, post them at your practice, and let your clients know you offer CBD services. Contact us via the form below so we can share them with you and help you grow your business.  These are free with wholesale purchases.

Wholesale customers are welcome!
Contact us via the form below to be set up as a wholesale customer so you can login and purchase wholesale directly off our site.  Wholesale pricing is 50% off retail pricing with a $150 minimum purchase.  You can mix and match our products to reach that wholesale minimum.  It’s extremely easy to set up a professional account, and we want your business!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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