CBD/CBG Magnesium Relaxing Lotion – 8,000 mg of CBD/800 mg of CBG in 8 oz


One of our best selling products, isn’t it time to find out why?  Try our CBD/CBG Magnesium Relaxing Lotion with 8,000 mg of CBD and 800 mg of CBG.   Magnesium has been used for centuries to help people relax and release.  Magnesium acts as a natural calcium blocker, helping your muscle cells relax after contracting.  How to improve on that?  By adding a large amount of CBD and CBG!  The combination of muscle relaxation and CBD/CBG is wonderful.  Great before bed, but use it anytime!  This rich lotion contains skin friendly and simple ingredients including shea butter, aloe vera and argan oil.  We included our calendula infused sweet almond oil to keep this lotion light and not greasy, so it easily absorbs into your skin.  With 1,000 mg of CBD and 100 mg of CBG per ounce, you owe it to yourself to try this and find out why we believe milligrams matter! (TM)

Ingredients and directions listed below.  Wholesale customers, we can make this for you in a 64 oz size, email us for pricing.


Try our CBD/CBG Magnesium Relaxing Lotion.  This 8 oz product contains 8,000 mg of CBD and 800 mg of CBG combined with the effects of magnesium.   Magnesium has been used for centuries to calm nerves and relax muscles. Magnesium acts as a natural calcium blocker, helping your muscle cells relax after contracting. This lotion is wonderful before bed but great anytime you need it.

Give your muscles a break.  Apply this CBD/CBG magnesium chloride lotion to your muscles and feel the tension melt away.  We’ve used all natural and simple ingredients in this product, including aloe vera, shea butter and argan oil to keep your skin smooth and hydrated.

Professional lab results here.

**Results based on sample weight, not product size**

Wholesale customers, we can make this for you in a 64 oz size if you would like to use it on your massage clients.  Just email us at info@susanscbd.com for pricing.

Why use CBD/CBG for a massage?  A traditional massage is enhanced by using our CBD and CBG massage oils, butters, lotions or creams.  Using our skin friendly massage products will soothe and soften your skin while leading to relaxation and muscle release.  Our CBD/CBG Magnesium Relaxing Lotion works great for all modalities including deep tissue, medical massage, hot stones, fascial therapy, cupping and lymphatic drainage massage.  Once you try a massage with CBD (and CBG) you won’t want to go without it!  Once you try a massage with CBD (and CBG) you won’t want to go without it!

Directions:   Massage a good amount into tight or sore muscles.  Also can be used before bedtime to help you relax.

Allergen Warning: Contains Almond Oil, Safflower Oil

Caution:  If irritation occurs, discontinue use.

Ingredients:  Water, Magnesium Chloride, Safflower Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera Juice, Vegetable Glycerin, Vegetable Emulsifying Wax, Vegetable Stearic Acid, Argan Oil, Silver Dihydrogen Citrate, Calendula, Cannabidiol (CBD) and Cannabigerol (CBG) Isolate from Hemp.  This product contains zero THC.  This product is vegan.  We never test on animals.  Our CBD and CBG Isolate is pesticide free.


  1. Christi

    I wanted to say hi. I attended the Dallas esthetician show where I met you. I bought a bottle the first evening and my friend and I applied the lotion to our sore feet and backs that night. It was a huge relief. So we returned the next day where I bought two more bottles and so did my friend. I gave one to my mother when I got home. My nephew actually used it thinking it was plain lotion and after applying he realized his hands stopped hurting. He plays golf and was hurting from that. He uses it all the time with his back and hand pain. Then my 88 year old mom put some on her back and literally felt the pain going away. We are sold on your wonderful product. My friend is the esthetician but does not have a store front and I help her so I don’t have a way of getting an account and ordering. But I wanted you to know how wonderful your product is and how it has helped us. I will be ordering more bottles shortly.

  2. Marsha

    I would highly recommend Susan’s CBD products. We have been using them for a couple of years now and they work great. I’ve tried other brands, but Susan’s CBD has been the best.

    I especially like the CBD Salve. I use it when I have muscle tightness or back pain/strain and it has the perfect amount of menthol -not too hot, but hot enough. My husband loves the CBD Magnesium Relaxing lotion especially after playing a game of soccer. It really helps relax those tight muscles. For an added bonuses and additional benefits, he also likes the bath salts. My 85 year old mother regularly uses the CBD tincture for her arthritis and it makes such a huge difference and relieves her arthritis pain.

    Susan’s CBD products are thoughtfully formulated with the best ingredients – I can’t wait to try more of her products!

  3. Liz (verified owner)

    Hello from the beautiful state of Maine,
    I am continuing to really enjoy this magnificent product. I have given samples to several Massage Therapy friends and hope they will become customers, too. There is no doubt it helps lengthen shortened muscles and people report being very deeply relaxed after receiving a treatment. My sister and her husband have both had back surgery. I gave her the stick, another great product and the use it before they go motorcycle riding. And are less sore.
    Take care and many thanks.

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