Four Reasons to Give or Receive a Hemp CBD Massage

Give yourself or your clients the gift of relief!  Our CBD and CBG massage products are made for massage therapists and we offer many different massage products, all tested by professional therapists.  Whether it’s for professional use or personal, we make the products that work, because we add effective amounts of CBD (and CBG) because we believe milligrams matter.

Our massage products work well with all types of massage including medical massage, lymphatic drainage, cupping, hot stones and deep tissue massage.  

Want to try our award winning CBD Massage Oil?  If you are a LMT, spa, retail store or other wellness professional, contact us via the form below and we will send you some CBD and CBG massage products to evaluate.

Spa and Massage Therapists – we are here to support you! Add one of Hemp CBD Massage Oils to your menu and up sell your customers on this amazing pain and inflammation relief.*  Sell them on some of our other wonderful products to use at home.  We have social media flyers, table top signs and other materials to help you sell your clients on our products and to post on your own sites.  These marketing materials are free with wholesale orders.

Wholesale customers are welcome!
Contact us via the form below for significant discounts on pricing and free samples and to be set up as a wholesale customer so you can login and purchase wholesale directly off our site.  Set up is easy and simple, we just need your certification number and your name and email to get you started with professional pricing – 50% off our retail pricing!  We look forward to hearing from you!

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