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We give free samples of our CBD and CBG massage products!  Fill out the contact form below to receive your free samples. 

We believe you should be able to try our products before you purchase.  

We include seven different massage products in the sample pack:

  • CBD/CBG Soothing Massage Oil, 1 ounce
  • CBD Jojoba Massage Oil, 1 ounce
  • CBD Natural  Massage Oil, 2 ounces
  • CBD Deep Tissue Cream, .5 ounce
  • CBD/CBG Coconut Massage Butter, .5 ounce
  • CBD/CBG Massage Lotion, .5 ounce
  • CBD/CBG Alpine Ice Massage Oil, 1 ounce

We give a professional discount of 50% off of retail pricing to wellness professionals!  Sign up for a wholesale account with us – it’s easy.  We just need your name and email and your business name.

We make a full line of CBD and CBG massage products using effective amounts of CBD and CBG because we believe milligrams matter (TM).  Our massage products are suitable for all modalities including deep tissue massage, lymphatic drainage, medical massage, neuromuscular massage therapy, hot stones or cupping.  Watch your clients melt after a treatment with our amazing products!  They might even want to purchase some from you to use at home.







Fill out the form and we can approve you in minutes and send you free samples of our CBD and CBG massage products to try.  You will also be enrolled in our email database to receive occasional emails with promo codes or specials.  We look forward to hearing from you!






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    Customer review of our sample pack:

    I originally found Susan’s CBD as an add for a free sample on a massage magazine website.  Thinking I would get a small 1/2oz sample of the cheapest oil, I instead received five samples: 1oz cream, 1oz jojoba oil, 1oz super strength, and 2oz good ol’ fashioned massage oil.  Along with a few postcards of information, a wholesale price listing sheet and an account set up, and a hand-written note.  These items, especially the handwritten card, is why I am now going to use Susan’s CBD exclusively in my new massage business (opening in mid-May 2021).
    Thank you so much!  I appreciate the little extra care that went into sending the free sample.  And while I know that such a little package may not be the case in the future due to cost of products and shipping, it really is what made me decide that this is the company I want to support.
    Also, the CBD/CBG massage oil is AMAZING!!
    Keep kicking ass,